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게시판 게시물

2023년 2월 01일
In 마사지 후기
I entered the place very stressful and full of negativities and confusions. It's a perfect "temple stay" -  for the body, and ofcourse for the mind too !!! Hye-Sun takes our body into a spiritual journey of its kind. We lose weight and control over our body step-by-step in each session and begin to float into the universe. It was like a symphony that starts with the foot in the morning and ends with her own design of Swedish event massage in the evening. In the foot massage, I lie down in a comfortable bed and Hye-Sun energises my legs with proper blood circulation. The best part of the foot massage is the great conversation I had with her. In dry massage, she gets rid of the knots and hardness in the body and our mind gets focussed on our body alone without thoughts. Then I had the lomi lomi. She does it in her own style, and her fingers slowly work on your body to get rid of your body weight and at the end of the massage your body feels the weightlessness and starts floating in the universe. There she takes us to a journey of pleasure where we forget everything and become one with the pleasure. The final session -  can not describe it and better you visit and experience by yourself !!! There is nothing like this I have ever experienced before. The food is prepared by her monk and it matches so perfectly for the day's experience. I came out refreshed both body and mind with full of positive energy. One should experience this journey at least once in their lifetime. I thank you, Hye-Sun wholeheartedly, for offering this experience !!!
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